Tying the GSS Emerger

Here’s another tying video of a Gartside pattern, the GSS Emerger. This is an extremely simple pattern to tie and very effective not only for trout but for panfish too. It’s tied completely with olive GSS. The video is by Jim Misiura and Jim does a great job illustrating the pattern.

Jack loved tying wet flies and emerger patterns. They appealed to him on a number of level. He found them elegant in their simplicity. Their basic “bugginess” appealed to his impressionistic bent as a tyer. Also Jack loved the tradition of tying and nothing is more traditional than a wet fly. His book Secret Flies includes a number of these patterns. You can also find tying instructions for a GSS Wet Fly here.

2 thoughts on “Tying the GSS Emerger”

  1. Let start off by saying I’m a huge fan of Jack’s style of tyingfor both fresh and saltwater. I noticed you used black thread and pearl GSS which gives you an olive coloration. What would you use if you wanted a brownish coloration beacuse the thread color has to be taken into account when tying. Thanks, Ron

  2. Hi Ron! In the video, Ken actually misidentifies the color of GSS he is using. It’s actually olive, not pearl. So it looks olive because…it is!

    Jack only offered GSS in the two colors, pearl and olive. However he frequently chopped it up and mixed it with other dubbing to achieve different effects and colors. For a brownish coloration I would my olive GSS with a brown dubbing of your choice.

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