So long, and thanks for all the fish

image-2Sad news. Last night, after a hospitalization of several weeks, Jack finally lost his protracted battle with lung cancer.  He was in bed resting comfortably, attended by good friends. Outside his window the first snow of the season was silently falling.

Visiting hours will be held the evening of Wednesday December 9 in East Boston. A Funeral Mass will be held Thursday December 10 at Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Winthrop MA. Read full details on the Ruggiero-Mazzarella funeral home web site.

Jack meant so much to so many of us.  For his part, of his friends and fans he always said, “I’m the richest man I know.” Over the years there were so many stories written by those friendships: funny, warm, inspiring, head-shakingly amazing, and even a few death-defyingly nuts. Here’s hoping you’ll share your own thoughts or experiences with Jack in the Comments below (posted comments will appear after a brief delay).

Goodbye, buddy. You’ve gone on ahead. Most likely you’re already scouting the water, noting the currents and structure.  So that when finally we catch up you’ll just point to a spot and say, “There. Cast your fly there.”

154 thoughts on “So long, and thanks for all the fish”

  1. I ‘ve always continued to like reading your tying book and looked forward to seeing you in person someday. Actually, I caught several suzuki with a white gargler in my residential area, which locates close to a beach in Hiroshima, Japan. Thank you for all your legendary imagination and inspiration.

  2. Jack, as I sit at my desk tying Gurglers for a Tarpon trip over to San Felipe de Yucatan, I feel mucho gratitude for you and your wonderful flies. My ongoing ritual to you is to say “Thank you Jack” everytime I land a Baby Tarpon. I try to stay as true to your original pattern as possible but, finding the correct materials here in Mexico is often a stretch. I will miss you Jack and I promise your memory live on through every client that fishes with PescaMexicana. Thanks for everything Jack. Hasta Pronto, Tom

  3. Dear Jack,
    You are fun and a gentleman. I recall the time in College Park when I was asked to drive you to the airport. I didn’t ask which one….so I drove toward BWI. You kept saying I was going the wrong way & I assured you that we were fine. I think when we were halfway there I mentioned the words BWI and we finally got it straight. You did not let your emotions show, you kept quiet, and even though I had never driven to the DC airport, I DID get you there with time to spare. And even after that event, you still had time to guffaw with me at the other shows. You had so much to give the world, and you gave in abundance. Maybe I can learn fly tying, and you can look over my shoulder. with love, Jane

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